About Ryan Stack

Vote for Heber's Future

Ryan Stack has served on Heber's planning commission since March of 2015. In this role he has witnessed Heber's growing pains firsthand. Ryan understands that it is time to reexamine Heber's general plan and place a renewed emphasis on Main Street redevelopment. Ryan is committed to working with UDOT on the Heber bypass route, and he supports Main Street's transitioning into a walkable thoroughfare of shops and restaurants where people come to eat and play. While on the Planning Commission, Ryan has worked hard to ensure that affected community members have a voice and he weighs their concerns when considering each new project.

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Now Heber City is at a crossroads that demands responsible, forward thinking leadership.
There are many reasons to live in Heber City, and the secret is out as Heber continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. This growth presents us with new opportunities and new challenges. Our community faces significant issues that must be addressed soon: the updating of aging City infrastructure, the securing of open space, and the preservation of Heber's historical core. It's time for City leadership to be proactive, not reactive. Let's vote for the candidate who is dedicated to retaining Heber's small town charm while shepherding it into a new era of responsible growth with sensible zoning. Vote for Ryan Stack for Heber City Council.