Vision for Heber City

It's time for City leadership to be proactive, not reactive.


It's time for Heber City to get ahead of the curve when it comes to long-term planning for anticipated growth. This necessitates a reexamination of our general plan and zoning map. Ryan also supports efforts to slow down and control Heber's growth rate.

Main Street

Few people would say Heber City's Main Street puts our best foot forward. Ryan Stack wants to focus on Main Street redevelopment and revitalization. He believes Main Street can become a walkable thoroughfare of shops and restaurants (not just fast food joints). If we as a City can provide the requisite support and make Main Street attractive again, then we’ll be able to attract the types of businesses we want to see.

Bypass Route

Ryan is committed to working with UDOT and Wasatch County on the creation of the Main Street bypass route.


Signs are a sensitive topic here in Heber City. We need to fairly weigh a business' ability to maintain its presence with a desirable community aesthetic. Unfortunately, our current sign code does little, if anything, to encourage cohesion with the natural beauty around us. It's time to rewrite Heber City’s sign code. Ryan supports a sign code that favors monument signs over pole signs, and prohibits additional electronic readerboards.

Open Space

Ryan supports working with the County and other cities in the Heber Valley to help secure valuable open space.


Many of the men and women who proudly serve our city are unable to afford housing in Heber City. It's time to explore public/private partnerships to provide affordable housing for City law enforcement and first responders.

Main Street Beautification

Ryan wants to work with and encourage UDOT and its Context Sensitive Solutions program to help make Main Street more attractive and enticing for businesses and pedestrians. The pictures below are just one example of something UDOT can provide under this program: